The Pirate Robot is a powerful combat robot from Dragon Ball, created by pirates to protect the lair where they keep their treasure.


The Pirate Robot attacks Goku, Krillin, and Bulma when they arrive in an harbor inside the Pirate Cave, looking for a Dragon Ball, as well as the pirate's treasure. The robot is armed with a machine gun and a sword which Krillin destroys during their battle, and can use its feet to hover in the air and skid across ground and water. The robot can also wrap its tail around someone and send a surge of electricity through it, thus shocking them. The robot appears to only be able to say four things: "argh mateys", "yo ho ho", "shiver me timbers" and "walk the plank" (in the original Japanese version it has no phrases).

The Pirate Robot is by far the most powerful villain up to this point in the series as it could easily take dozens of punches from Goku and Krillin, and unlike Major Metallitron, it did not take any large damage. At one point, the robot is hit by a cannon, but even after that and being involved in an explosive truck, it keeps all of his body parts. The Pirate Robot is eventually destroyed by Goku who jumps from the top of a large building to gain increased momentum and punches through its head with a focused strike, destroying the power core.