LD-002S Scervo is an incredibly ancient robotic pirate likely over thousands of years old that appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. For countless millenia, this ancient buccaneer has ruled over the long dried up Lanayru Sand Sea, ever keeping watch over his greatest capture, the Sandship, which he has faithfully sailed on for centuries. Despite his advanced age, he is a formidable and fearsome warrior with power still coursing through him and possesses mighty electric drill swords to strike down foes. He is notable for not just being one of the physically oldest pirates in fiction but his ability to survive through the ages with nothing but sheer willpower.


Scervo is a formidable warrior that Link must fight with on the Sandship. He uses a drill which acts like a sword that sparks with electricity. Scervo was the leader of the pirate crew that took over the Sandship years ago from Skipper.

The battle is based on a ring-out endurance, and has three rounds. Behind Link is a spike-equipped wall that will hurt him upon contact. Behind Scervo is a chasm that leads to the Lanayru Sand Sea. Link must attack the robot so he can force him to retreat, and put him closer to the other extreme. Conversely, Scervo will try to attack Link as well, and the more times he does so (particularly double attacks), the more steps he will take forwards, which Link must prevent. When Scervo is about to fall, he throws an attack that forces Link to retreat, and the spike wall will advance several steps forward, shortening the length of the battlefield. Upon a second call of a potential fall, Scervo will lose his right arm, and will then start attacking with his left arm (a gold hook) by rotating his entire central body. Only when Link manages to put him close enough to the extreme, he will finally fall down under.

After the battle, Fi comments that she admires how it managed to function for so long, considering that this battle takes place in the present, when all the other robots (until the revival of Scrapper) are dead