Tetra's Pirate Crew are the most notorious band of adventurous pirates in the Great Sea, the world of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Though many in number, each has their own personality, and they follow their captain Tetra as loyally as they did when her mother was the head of the crew. They travel the Great Sea on an unnamed ship in search for treasure.


Very little is known of Tetra's pirates background and origins. They used to serve under Tetra's mother orders, but after she passed away, Tetra followed in her footsteps and became their new leader. The pirate crew are known to be extremely loyal and follow whatever orders they are given to by "Miss Tetra," showing their dedication towards their leader at any given moment. Curiously, they appear surprisingly similar to the group shown in a painting on a wall of the sunken Hyrule Castle. The picture depicts an antediluvian Princess Zelda along with several of her courtiers, each of them bearing a striking resemblance to the members of Tetra's pirate crew. Since Tetra is later on revealed to be Princess Zelda, it can be safely assumed that the pirates' ancestors served the princess in past generations.


The crew is made up of seven pirates:

  • Tetra is the captain of the crew.
  • Senza is the con-man of the crew as he is very talented in persuasion.
  • Gonzo is (next to Tetra) the highest ranked of the pirates, he steers the ship.
  • Nudge is the strongest of all the crew, he councils Tetra in decision making.
  • Mako is called the brains of the ship and the king of invention.
  • Zuko is the lookout on the ship.
  • Niko is the lowest ranked of the pirates.